Remember Who You Are and Reconnect To Your Power and Confidence
Tired of feeling like you're just going through the motions, or feeling disconnected to what you want? Sick of societal standards telling you who you should be? Want to put a big, fat middle finger up to perfectionism and start living life on your fucking terms?

Yeah? You're in the right place.

Welcome to UNLEASHED, an inclusive and intimate group coaching class designed specifically for women like you - who are ready to embrace their power, connect to their confidence and voice, take charge of their lives and be unapologetic and UNLEASHED.

This isn't your average fluffy, feel-good course. This is a deep dive into the core of who you are. It's about unlearning unhelpful habits and untangling yourself the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and begin reprogramming your mind for success.

We'll be using science-backed methods from neuroscience, energy work, and mindset training to help you create intuitive, intentional actions that actually fit who you are—not who society says you should be. And we'll be working with our emotions, not against them, to build up a strong sense of self that's resilient as hell.

In UNLEASHED, you'll learn how to:

  • Understand why you do what you do: tendencies, habits, negative self talk and more, so you can start to make the lasting changes you want
  • Discover what your limiting beliefs and tendencies are and how they impact your life and what you can do to change them
  • Say fuck it to perfectionism and societal expectation, so you can embrace your beautifully unique self.
  • Find safety, power and self trust within yourself
  • Understand where your power actually lies and how to access it
  • How to use a multifaceted and whole-istic approach to create lasting transformative change.
  • Understand how habits form and why they are so hard to break and then actually break free from them
  • Develop a crystal-clear vision of what you want—and then go get it.
  • Understand what your Energies are, where you have energy leaks and learn how to effectively manage and protect them.
  • Stand strong in your values and make decisions from a place of self-trust and confidence.
  • How to set boundaries effectively, confidently and unapologetically.
  • Art of Fewer Fucks: Unapologetically being yourself, using your voice and purposefully living out your dreams!

Are you ready rise up,play big and take charge of your life? Hell yes, you are.

Spaces in UNLEASHED are limited because we're committed to creating a tight-knit group of badass women who are 100% dedicated to doing the fucking work. If you're ready to step up, we're here to welcome you with open arms and a few choice swear words.

Join the waitlist now. Because your time to shine is fucking now.

Welcome to a life UNLEASHED!

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How much is the UNLEASHED Group coaching class?

(this is an introductory price. Worth $600+)

How long is the Program? 

12 Weeks

Where will the class coaching sessions be held?


How often do we meet?


What resources do I have access to?

  • 3 1:1 Clarity Coaching Calls
  • Workbook and worksheets
  • Access to all classes released while you are in UNLEASHED. (Worth $150 *estimated)
  • Lifetime Access to portal* for all lessons taught in UNLEASHED
  • Unlimited access to Unleashed Membership for 6 months.* (worth $180)

Why is it so inexpensive? What's the catch?

No catch. There are two reasons:

Because I am passionate to help women to find their power, self trust and confidence within themselves. To live on their terms and get untangled and unleashed from unhelpful habits and binding limiting beliefs / societal expectations.

I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from this and I want to make sure that everyone can have access to it.I want to give you all the tools and skills to be confident within your own skin. 

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