One-on-one Alignment
Reconnect. Redefine. Reclaim
Break free from the fear, shame and self doubt
and be confident, carefree, radiant and magnetic

Redefine you, your life, success and happiness instead of what the world tells you it all should be.

Reclaim your power, spark, magic, joy so that you can live LIT UP and TURNED ON.

 I felt safe and straight away knew I could trust her to be my most open and vulnerable self.
 Feeling seen, heard and safe is powerful in healing and growth 
My mission is for you to be YOU be so damn confident from learning to access your intuition, power, self trust and safety. That you will know that you have your own back and that you don't need validation of your worthiness or value because you know, my dear, YOU ARE PRICELESS.

No matter where you are in your life, in your relationship and your self growth / self discovery journey, to feel seen, heard and safe to be be who YOU are is all the difference. 
Get started creating a life you're lit up by and loving WHO you are!
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3 Months
Payment plans available
  •  6 Bi Weekly 1-2 Hour sessions
  • Unlimited coaching access via Voxer or Marco Polo (Messaging apps)
  • Access to Workbooks/Worksheets 
6 Months
Payment plans available
  •  12 Bi Weekly 1-2 hour sessions
  • Unlimited coaching access via Voxer or Marco Polo (Messaging apps)
  • Access to Workbooks / Worksheets
  • Bonuses* 
What to expect 
all the deets
  • Bi- weekly meetings (on Zoom) 1-hour
  • On-the-go Coaching access via Voxer or Marco Polo (messaging apps)
  • Access to worksheets, videos and other resources

Using a whole-istic approach of incorporating mindset, somatics (body), shadow work, tapping into your feelings and intuition as guides and implementing congruent, supportive action, as well as, self hypnosis. To provide and teach you all the tools, skills needed to feel complete, whole and in power of you and how you show up in your relationships and your life.

Begin healing and connecting to the internal to transform the external.

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 What is the difference between counseling, therapy and coaching.  
  • Therapists and Counselors are focused on the why of the problem, the past and help you unpack it.
  • Coaches are focused on how to equip you and empower you to take steps forward from where you are now.
Self-hypnosis? What is that? I'm not sure about that. 
  • Self hypnosis is to help you relax and get past your overthinking brain and access your intuition/ inner knowing. It is where we can rewire the brain.
  • Everything is a habit, anything that you do repetitively is a habit. The things you do, to the way you feel, to the thoughts you think... they are all habits.
Do you coach Christian with values? 
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What if I can't afford the coaching that you provide? 
  • You may access my FREE resources and content
  • I also have a podcast
  • I will be offering different level of pricing for courses, masterclasses and events so that I can make it accessible.
  • I offer a couple scholarships annually, 
  • A sliding scale is available on some of my offerings
  • payment plans for the larger ticket items.
  • Feel free to ask. I was beyond broke once in my life as well, so I get it, 
 What if it doesn’t work? I’m tired of throwing away money on programs. 
I totally understand. We will talk through your anxieties up front, and you’ll know before you sign up whether this is the right program for you. I’m very candid about who is right for my program and who isn’t. I want you to feel successful.
Simply put, No.
I am at a place now where I have been deconstructing my religious journey. Opening up my mind and heart to see the value of other religions, cultures, and views. In saying that...
I welcome EVERYONE. It doesn't matter to me what religion you follow, race, or identity. Yes, I welcome LGBTQIA+!!!
I want to give everyone a safe space. I do not have an agenda to force my beliefs on you.  I am here to help you find what is true and in congruence (alignment) with you. 
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If you are looking for someone to help you heal those unhealed parts of you that feel triggered in your relationships, I highly recommend Angi!