Woman Unleashed
Empowering Women thru Divorce & Empty Nest 
Join the Movement. Join the Revolution!

Be UNLEASHED: Live Lit up & Turned on by your life


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Ready to transform beyond your pain, fear and self doubt?
This is for you if...

Considering, going through or want to heal from Divorce
Empty Nest: Rediscover who YOU are & what YOU want
Ready to create your next chapter on your terms
✅ You want to use your pain as a launching pad for greatness & abundance

This is the place for you to be seen, supported, heard and encouraged.

Womxn’s Circle & Alignment Coaching gives you a safe space to fully express yourself in a supportive community. Experience a sense of belonging, acceptance and support while you heal, explore and reconnect.

      What is Circle?
      Why is it Important?

      • What is Circle?

        Women's Circle come from ancient times. Women would come together to feel seen, safe, heard, held and witnessed on their journeys through life.

      • Circle is a sacred space free from judgement, compitition, expectation, pressure and noise. A sacred space void of the demands from the outside world, a space just for us, to inwards, to reconnect, to return home. A refuge for the spirit of the feminine...
        This is a place for women to remember who they are, to hold space for one another.

      • Why it's important to get out of the cycle of the Patriarchial system

        We have been living by a fully masculine patriarchal system that hurts EVERYONE. The remembering of our feminine divine energy and stepping into it - bringing the world and ourselves back into balance.

        We need both, masculine and feminine energies.

      Reconnect to who you are at your core, sacred feminine and your joy. Reconnect to your inner knowing, power and your voice.
      Redefine what happiness, success and what's important to you based on YOU not what society says it is. Redefine the 'rules'
      Reclaim your power of self expression, your worth, your value, your life and your voice. Reclaim balance in yourself and your life
      How we can work together
      I have something for every level, whether you want to address something specific, to self-discover or do deep work.
      One-on-One  Coaching

      ⭐️ Meeting bi-weekly diving deep, focusing on the your personal goals and needs.

      ⭐️ Get unlimited on-the-fly coaching access to me through Voxer or Marco Polo (messaging apps)

      ⭐️ Learn to trust yourself in any situation

      ⭐️ Learn to speak up for yourself and set boundaries confidently

      ⭐️ Break the cycle of self sabotage, victim thinking and unhelpful habits.

      ⭐️ Fully express yourself confidently & love who you're meant to be

      ⭐️ Break the cycle of self sabotage and the barrage of shitty self talk that sucks the life out of you... to working in flow with how you best operate that actually gets what you want and thinking you're a bad ass!

      ⭐️ Get the support and tools you need to have a life that lights you up and turns you on!

      Woman Unleashed
      Womxn's Circle

      Join the Movement. Join the Revolution.
      Woman UNLEASHED: a Radical Revolution of of the Heart-  Reconnecting, Redefining and Reclaiming.

      ⭐️ A safe and nurturing environment where you will be seen, heard, and understood.

      ⭐️ Our circles are spaces of deep authenticity, vulnerability, and support,

      ⭐️ Shed the masks you wear in the outside world and embrace and be your true essence.

      ⭐️ Go from a job or life you hate to a life that lights you up and turns you on..

      ⭐️ Learn to fully express yourself- the ultimate act of self love

      ⭐️ Go from second guessing yourself and decision paralysis to tapping into deeply knowing what to do and trusting yourself.

      ⭐️ And so much more.... LEARN MORE ABOUT WOMEN'S CIRCLES

      Unleashed will be available
      (in person coming soon)

      What they're saying...
      Angi, sensing exactly what I need to work on in our sessions. She has helped me to go "beyond my brain and logic" and really tap into me, what I need and want to create. Every time... I feel clearer, calmer and more aligned.
      Angi's coaching  style... gives you a fresh unbiased  perspective on any life  issue you face, and gives you new and fresh approach on solutions to solve or help with any situation that all of us go through. 
       If you are looking for someone to help you heal those unhealed parts of you that feel triggered in your relationships, I highly recommend Angi!
      The Key To Have A Deliciously Satisfying Life & Relationship
      Do you ever feel like you're constantly battling waves of overwhelm, anxiety, or self-doubt in your relationships and life? Do you feel like you are battling yourself and how you don’t measure up to how you and your life should be? Do your dreams and ambitions seem just out of reach or even a pipe dream because of these feelings? You're not alone. Trust me, I've been there - and I know that it's not where you belong.

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      Love who YOU are first, then your life & relationships will flourish.

      The path to 'fix' your life and your relationship is internal. When you take radical responsibility with radical compassion then mountains move in your external. 

      Your job is to build and nurture a relationship with yourself. You have been denying yourself for way too long.

      Come home to YOU.

      To transform your life -Reconnect & Reclaim YOU and your life will transform.
      Who you are isn't based on what the world told you who you should be.
      Be the Heroine of your Life Story
      Implement inspired and aligned action 
      I take a proven and
      whole-istic approach to confidence, Life, relationships - especially with yourself.
       The intuitive and adaptive Women's Circle, coaching and process offers to a tailored-fit experience by incorporating mindset, body, intuition, supportive action and self-hypnosis.
      Ready to finally to stop just existing and fully express who you are unapologetically
      Here’s how we can work together ONE on ONE. 
      Tell me about yourself
      Fill out my Clarity Call form. Be as detailed as possible so can I go in with a clear picture of how we can work together. 
      Book your Clarity Call
      After I review your form,  I will have a strategic customized plan in place. That’s when we get on the phone and go through your program options that best fits you. 
      Start the Plan Together
      You’ll have everything you need after our call to make your decision. We can get started right away.  I am here to walk you through it all.